UK going to elections with great parity between parties

UK going to elections with great parity between parties -

UK will have general elections on Thursday, which is estimated there will be no absolute majority what may be eligible for a political alliance. So far, the Conservative Party and Labour Party maintain a tie in voting intentions.

The election day will begin at 0700 local time (00 GMT) and will last for 15 hours until the polls close at 22H00 (21H00 GMT).

David Cameron, the current prime minister and who opt for re-election and the Conservatives launched a few months ago a manifesto with 11 essential points, including public health, job creation, the role of the UK in the European Union (Cameron thinks a referendum in 2017 where it is decided whether they remain part of the European Union or not required), taxes and labor.

Meanwhile, the Labour opposition leader, Ed Miliband, said his government would serve immigrants and said that if it comes to power next May 7 will create a government agency to prosecute employers who exploit workers.

There are 650 MPs in the House of Commons, so that the majority is 326. If no party wins more seats than the sum of those who achieved the other parties, produces what is called a "Parliament disagree."

in this situation, one option is a coalition government, as is the case since 2010. that is when two or more parties, as did the conservatives and the liberal Democrats five years, join forces to govern as a unit

. Source: Telesur

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