Mexico: in a violent day, the PRI won the election

Mexico: in a violent day, the PRI won the election -

Mexico lived the last Sunday 7 June a new election day. However, this event did not mean a truce violent coming days living the country in recent months.

Some 83.5 million Mexicans were called to choose federal deputies, nine governors, 871 mayors, 16 district chiefs in Mexico City and 0 local deputies, but finally went to the polls less than half. between 47 and 48 percent

That the party of President Enrique Peña Nieto has achieved a wide victory and most make sure in the Chamber of Deputies in the elections midterm was not the only news that led last weekend.

Numerous citizens, across the country, they protested and tried to boycott the elections. Unfortunately, at the end on Sunday, he is killing two met. One was the former mayor of a municipality in the state of Oaxaca José Alfredo Jimenez .

Results of the elections: Wide PRI victory and an independent candidate

the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) that currently governs Mexico was presented in different districts with two modes : as a single list and another in coalition with Green Party. The latter was imposed in 52% of districts, which together with the first reached 60%.

In the elections, in which 500 federal deputies, nine governors, mayors and local deputies were renewed a independent candidate was the surprise by winning the governorship in the prosperous state Nuevo Leon, according to partial results and quick counts.

according to the quick count official of federal legislation, the PRI received 30% of votes and it will remain as first force in the lower house -only that was renewed in these comicios- with between 196 and 203 deputies against 214 who had so far, although the rise of one of its allies, the Green Party, would allow him to retain control.

the second force will remain conservative National Action Party (PAN), with between 105 and 116 lawmakers compared to 113 today, having harvested product from 21.47 and 22,20% of the votes, and third is relegated the center-left Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), which won between 11.14 and 11.81% of the vote.

of the nine governorates in dispute, a quick count of the Mitofsky pollster for the Televisa network indicates that the PRI will add the Guerrero states, where 43 students disappeared, governed so far by the PRD and Sonora, will remain in Campeche and San Luis Potosi and lose Nuevo Leon, Queretaro and Michoacan.

the PAN lost Sonora and would remain in Baja California Sur, while the PRD, badly beaten in federal elections and local in Mexico City would win Michoacan. Colima was not until last night projections.

In Nuevo Leon, the winner would be Jaime Heliodoro "The Bronco" Rodriguez as a non-party candidate, a unique case in the history of the country.

the defeat of the PRD, which could go from its current 99 members to stay with between 51 and 60, is due in large part to the emergence of the party Morena, the two Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador candidate time presidential, who could get 34-40 seats and become a serious rival for the PRD in the capital.

the I claim for 43 students and the effect of Ayotzinapa deployed throughout the country

the elections were marked by incidents by teachers opposed to an educational reform in states like Oaxaca, Guerrero and Chiapas, with 0 detainees, but developed calm in the rest of Mexico.

in Oaxaca was gunned down in front of the city hall of Santa Maria Chimalapa its former mayor José Alfredo Jiménez, the Attorney General of the state, who said it was investigating the case said.

in Guerrero, in the municipality of Tixtla colleagues of 43 students disappeared in September marched against the elections and there was burning of electoral material.

A group of masked men, accompanied by the spokesman for the families of the missing, Felipe de la Cruz, made a bonfire in the street with electoral material and screens of some polling stations.

in Tixtla rural school teachers Raul Isidro is Burgos Ayotzinapa in studying youth disappeared. The 43 students were reportedly arrested in September by municipal police who then handed them over to a criminal group that killed and incinerated.

In Oaxaca, teachers of the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE) stolen and they destroyed ballots and ballot boxes.

Peña Nieto downplayed conflict

President Enrique Peña Nieto said his part that Mexicans gave a mandate against "violence and intolerance" to get out and vote.

"there were those who attempted to affect the elections. In the days before, even made violent acts, seeking to discourage the population, "the president said in a television broadcast.

" However, above this, this Sunday million Mexicans turn to vote, convinced that democracy is the best way to Mexico, "he added .

Source: Telam

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