Former director of the IMF involved in money laundering

Former director of the IMF involved in money laundering -

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor asked uplift National Hearing heritage research and business activity of the Spanish former vice president and former director of International Monetary Fund (IMF) Rodrigo Rato , finding new evidence that could commit crimes of money laundering.

the decision by prosecutors came after the director of Spanish anti-Fraud Office (ONIF) forward in an interview with the newspaper World that "ratified" all charges against Rato and he had already sent the trial judge a second report with the documents seized at his home and professional office.

on July 22, the exbanquero and conservative leader refused to answer the judge's questions to not know the contents of that report.

Rato was arrested briefly on April 16 to witness the raids as part of an investigation against him for alleged tax evasion, laundering and concealment of assets, based a first report of the Anti-Fraud Office.

However, pending the second report, the investigating judge number 31 of Madrid, Antonio Serrano Artal cited the economic exvicepresidente of José María Aznar (1996-04) to respond only for tax offenses.

the Anti-Fraud Office now contended forward part of its new report, according to the prosecution, "new evidence" that could launder money Rato emerge abroad between 2011 and 2014.

to perform bleaching, Rato would have used the German company Bagerpleta GmbH, owner of a hotel in Berlin, which was administrator until April 2015.

according to the letter of the prosecution, investments former IMF chief in this company, which owns 44% of the shares, would have been carried out through the Kradonara merchant, whose parent is the Vivaway Gibraltarian owned, in turn, de Rato.

"the money flows Kradonara has sent Bagerpleta GmbH from 2011 to 2014 have alleged illegal origin, arising from crimes of corruption between individuals and tax offense" says the letter, which was seen EFE.

Given these facts, the prosecution believes that the crimes could commit Rato are not competent ordinary courts thereby claiming the judge Serrano Arnal to move the case to the high court, the highest Spanish criminal court.

on the eve of the declaration of Rato court, the Provincial court of Madrid upheld the bail of 18 million euros that had been imposed to unlock all their accounts when considering that "although the investigation is at an early stage", there are "sufficient data" that the former president of the financial institution Bankia "could incur" in the commission of criminal offenses against him.

Rato became the first concerning the financial establishment to fall from the beginning of the crisis in Spain.

His arrest was fleeting and was surrounded by a lot of media expectation, and precisely rushed after that the Spanish press reported that the former minister of neoliberal economics was one of the people investigated by the ONIF of which had benefited from a tax amnesty approved by the current government of Mariano Rajoy .

the once powerful leader of the right-wing Popular Party (PP) is also charged in two other lawsuits related to corruption.

An alleged fraud in connection with the IPO of Bankia financial institution presided and that came with its political weight in the PP, and the use of "black cards" in this same entity, a system that allowed the misappropriation of 15 million euros.

Source: Telam

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