A car bomb killed at least 100 deaths in Iraq

A car bomb killed at least 100 deaths in Iraq -

A car bomb exploded in a popular market in the small town of Jan Ben Said, northeast of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad , killing at least 100 people in one of the bloodiest attacks by the jihadist group Islamic State .

the explosion caused the collapse of buildings that crushed many people who were shopping at the popular market Jan Ben Said, in the province of Diyala, in a day of great influx of people due to the end of the fast of Ramadan and the beginning of the celebrations of Eid al Fitr.

the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement posted on Twitter in which the jihadists pointed out that in the car detonated about three tons of explosives.

the jihadist group said the attack, in a village of Shiite majority, was to avenge the killing of Sunni Muslims in the northern Iraqi town of Hawija, Europa Press reported.

at the beginning of the year, government troops, backed by Shiite militias, expelled the EI of several cities in Diyala and declared victory over the jihadist group, however, remains active in the province.

the provincial government declared three days of mourning and ordered to close all parks and entertainment venues for the rest of the feast of Eid al Fitr to prevent any further attacks.

security measures were reinforced today with the suspicion that could be perpetrated attacks on a date of great significance for Muslims.
Iraq is the scene of frequent attacks against civilians, while security forces are fighting a bloody war against the iS group, who conquered large parts of the country in June 2014, when he proclaimed the caliphate in areas under its domain, both in Iraq and Syria.

Source: Telam

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