Greece will present a new proposal to the Eurogroup

Greece will present a new proposal to the Eurogroup -

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras , informed German Chancellor Angela Merkel , which on top of Eurogroup on Tuesday will present "proposal" of Greece to reach an agreement with the European Union (EU) following the decision of the Greek people not accept the impositions of the troika.

Government sources said that Tsipras and Merkel "agreed" in a telephone conversation that "the prime minister presented Tuesday, July 7 morning at the summit of the Eurogroup the proposal of the Greek government "but did not offer further details.

Tsipras spoke by phone with Merkel during a break in the meeting that is keeping more than five minutes ago with leaders Greek political parties, except the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn.

Previously, according to these sources, the prime minister and Greek President Prokopis Pavlópulos, held a telephone conversation with the boss French statesman, Francois Hollande, overlooking the meeting that the French president will keep tonight with Merkel.

also Tsipras have also spoken with the President of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi , and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

the Greek people rejected on Sunday with 61 percent of the vote the proposal made by European creditors, involving more cuts in social spending and deepening humanitarian crisis in the Greek nation. (See: Greece wins "No" to the adjustment measures of the troika)

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