Director of El Mercurio, disbarred of Journalists

Director of El Mercurio, disbarred of Journalists -

The fact transcends borders and is possible to find several parallels in Latin America.

The decision that mean the he took Ethics Tribunal of the Journalists Association of Chile : Agustin Edwards, owner of the newspaper El Mercurio was expelled from the institution to test its destabilizing attitude against the government of Salvador Allende.

This investigation has sued six months and confirmed another fact: the falsity of the cover of an edition of the newspaper which accused lied -and two people to generate disturbances during the visit of Pope John Paul II Chilean capital.

for more aspects of the decision in the morning, the program Look Who's Talking of Radio Universidad spoke with . Javiera Olivares, a member of Communist Party and president of Journalists Association

Without doubt, Olivares pointed to the existence of a close behavior ethics: "the mercury committed various facts that speak of an anti-ethical and anti Human rights exercise, which was paid for operations violations of rights of people "

in the same direction, he said." the severity level exceeds the political positions of our journalists. The Court of Ethics is absolutely independent of management. "

Olivares contextualized the situation by recalling that" emerges from the declassified files of the CIA, "the participation of the newspaper in the process that ends with the military coup, . and also "has opposed publish resources under families of the victims of the dictatorship"

in turn he said: "During the visit of Pope John Paul II to Santiago, there were riots and demonstrations. The next day, El Mercurio liquidator at the top, several 'responsible' with their names. Those people were searched, detained and found that some had not been in place. "

El Mercurio SA Journalistic owns also the morning Latest news and evening La Segunda. In this context, the President of the Journalists Association chart: "Chile today has a concentration of media ownership is high. Mercury responds to a coherent position according to their owners and the social class to which they belong. " However, he praised the decision to separate Edwards: "Today there is a court ruling, which involved a six-month investigation by interviews with those involved, as proof of their attitudes. Mercury was given as an accomplice to move ahead minimum rights of people. "

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