Greater trade balance surplus for Brazil

Greater trade balance surplus for Brazil -

The decline in imports in Brazil as a result of the depreciation of the real prompted the Brazilian trade balance obtained the best surplus for the January-July period in the last three years, accumulating a surplus of 4,599 million dollars.

the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade Brazilian reported today that in the first months of the year , trade exports have resulted in 112,854 million, 16.2 percent less on-year, and imports by 108,255 million, representing a fall of 19.9 percent over the previous period, as reported Brasil news agency, EFE and Brazil 247.

the surplus contrasted with a deficit of 950 million dollars in the same period last year and 4,970 million dollars in the first seven months of 2013, although it was much lower than the positive balance of 9,920 million registered in 2012.

according to the official assessment, the result reflected the contraction of the Brazilian economy and the devaluation of the real that more expensive purchases abroad .
shipments abroad fell in the period between other reasons, by lower international prices of products which Brazil is a major exporter, such as iron and soy.

Among the products that recorded a drop in shipments highlighted oil, iron, snuff, coffee, beef and soybeans.

regarding imports, encarecidas by the appreciation of 28 , 81 percent to the dollar accumulated in the first seven months of the year against the real, the most decreased were those of products such as fuels, lubricants, consumer goods and capital goods.

Al surplus period, contributed to the result of July, when Brazil posted a surplus of 2,379 million dollars, the best result for the month since 2012, in computing exports 18.526 million dollars and imports at 16.147 million dollars.

Source: Telam

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