Holder said Argentine PLO Palestinian state support

Holder said Argentine PLO Palestinian state support -

The highest authority of the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine (PLO) Saeb Erekat, in Buenos thanked Aires to president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, for his "firmness" in the defense of the two-state solution to the conflict with Israel and for having "led the decision on this continent to recognize the Palestinian state ".

" I'm used to go to Moscow, Berlin, Rome, London, Paris to negotiate, but I'm now Buenos Aires only to express our gratitude and grateful for what they did. it is very significant that Argentina has led the decision of much of this continent to recognize the Palestinian state, "stressed the Palestinian leader, 60.

the secretary general of the PLO, who for years now leads the interrupted negotiations with Israel , he traveled to Argentina to decorate "the president Cristina" -like flame, despite his manners strictly diplomats with the highest recognition of your country, the Star Palestine.

"the president Cristina remained very firmly in favor of the two-state solution, the right of Palestine to live alongside Israel in peace and to recognize the Palestinian state," he said.

Argentina officially recognized State of Palestine according to the pre-1967 war borders-that is, the territories of east Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in late 2010, two years after you first open a diplomatic representation in Ramallah, the headquarters of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA).

from the beginning, the Kirchner assumed the defense of the two-state solution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and built a good relationship with Ramallah.
in 05, as a senator and as part of a tour that also took her to Israel, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner visited West Bank .

Four years later, as president, he received his Palestinian counterpart, Mahmoud Abbas, in Buenos Aires and in 2011 met with Foreign Minister Ryad al-Maliki in Montevideo, parallel to the signing of a Free trade between Mercosur and Palestine.

Argentina's approach was very well received by the Palestinians, according to a smiling Erekat.

"ordinary Palestinians know Argentina, they are known (... ) When the Argentine football team plays, it's like there's a curfew in Palestine. The Palestinian people feel a deep love for the Argentine national football team, "he told proudly.

" In reality he clarified the world is very small, and have a country on the other side of the world sympathizes with Palestine, the peace process and supports the two-state solution is something that the Palestinians appreciate a lot. "

to Erekat, who after passing through Buenos Aires travel to Chile, good relationship with Argentina was not exhausted in recognition of 2010.
the veteran negotiator, who still heads the government team in charge of dialogue with Israel and the international community, said they are trying to revive peace talks adding countries to the process.

"we do not think of replacing the United States would not be realistic. What we want is to see how we complement and strengthen the role of third parties. We are working with the French to expand the Quartet (Middle East), "he said, referring to the group consisting of the United States, Russia, the European Union and the UN.

consulted by Telam on whether the PNA wants negotiating table similar to that recently sealed a nuclear deal with Iran, Erekat said, "More or less. We want the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) to join the Quartet. "

" also Argentina and why not Japan. We are working very hard to make this a reality. The Iranian model showed that when the international community, Americans, Russians, Chinese, German and French, working together, produce results, "said

. Source: Telam

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