Mexico located 60 clandestine graves in the last 8 months

Mexico located 60 clandestine graves in the last 8 months -

Mexican authorities have located at least 60 clandestine graves with 129 bodies in the municipality of Iguala since the disappearance 43 student teachers in that locality in the southern state of Guerrero on September 26, 2014, whose fate is still uncertain.

According to the data obtained by the Associated Press by a request for information to the government, the Attorney General's Office (PGR) said that in eight months from October 2014 to May 2015 inclusive, 60 clandestine graves with 129 bodies in total were located in Iguala, but clarifies the real figure could be higher.

"the data reported represent only the intervention of specialized personnel on matters related to clandestine graves, clarifying that not all cases of pits experts involved that administrative unit, "said the prosecutor.

Iguala, with 0 thousand inhabitants and 0 kilometers south of the Mexican capital, was the place where 10 months ago killed six people and disappeared 43 students from the Rural Normal Ayotzinapa, events in which authorities and local police participated in complicity with organized crime and were rated by the Mexican ombudsman Luis Raul Gonzalez Perez as "the most serious set of violations of human rights in recent memory the country. "

of the 129 remains found in graves marked all, 112 were men, 20 women and the rest still can not determine or assessment process. According to the information provided by the prosecution, to date July 13 data only have identified 16 people had.

In October, a week after the disappearance of 43 students, was when they were located more tanks, 11 with a total of 39 bodies. It was followed by January and April 2015, when 10 graves were found every month.

After the disappearance of students Ayotzinapa, groups of community police in Guerrero collaborated with victims' families and the authorities in the search for clandestine graves.

None of the remains found belonged to students , according to the official version, were burned in a garbage dump in the nearby town of Cocula and his remains scattered along the river.

the disappearances and killings were commonplace in Iguala in recent years due to the complicity of organized crime, and in particular the Warriors States group, with the mayor of the place, Jose Luis Abarca, and all security corporations.

According to the report submitted by the ombudsman last Thursday, 10 months later, conditions of crime, insecurity, concealment and impunity that allowed the disappearance of 43 young still continue.

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