"We are no longer a threat because rob us as before"

"We are no longer a threat because rob us as before" -

The Bolivian leader expressed his strong support for the government of Nicolas Maduro and condemned the executive order issued by Barack Obama , in which he branded the Caribbean country as a "threat" to the United States.

"Its political aggression, sovereignty and even economic feature no other aim to attack the process of
release which we live, "reaffirmed Evo Morales from La Paz, in communication with the agency Telam .

in this regard, he said "when Obama says that Venezuela is a security threat is wrong, because actually believes that we are a threat to the capitalist system and because we can not steal as before."

The president of Bolivia also assessed the integration process of deploying the countries of the region for more than a decade, while on the other hand stressed that "capitalism falters not social, but also economically."

"they have to understand once all we are entitled to free ourselves and control our resources. This was and is fundamental to all our countries and primarily for Bolivia, because we are no longer anyone's backyard, as Nestor Kirchner said, "said Evo.

Indeed, Morales recalled with emotion the figure of the former Argentine president and he said that one of his "greatest memories" has to do with the summit the Fourth Summit of the Americas held in Mar del Plata on November 4, 05, remembered as the summit of No to the FTAA.

"I have always debate ALBA, or the area of ​​free profit of capitalism, as I told him at that time in talks with Nestor. That strong common position was critical to the step we took, so I always remember when Kirchner said that we were the backyard, and I think that they did not like at all and was telling the United States and Canada. "

at the same time, he praised the growth was Unasur from that moment, an organization that, according to Evo, suggests that "we are a power not to invade countries but to impose peace and social justice".

"United States and Canada could be with us, but if it is not the case will not turn from the path started" reaffirmed Morales ahead of the forthcoming Summit of the Americas to be held on 11 and 12 April in Panama.

Regarding the meeting, and beyond reaffirm their support for Venezuela, he was waiting to return to meet again with president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, "in a bilateral meeting or a talk, to move forward with the strong relationship that unites our two countries. "

Moreover, taking into account" the important issues to be discussed at this summit, "President of Bolivia reaffirmed the need for" an end to closed discussions between presidents "since" it is essential that people listen to us and be done with these talks closed "

. Source: Telam

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