Judge Griesa order of vultures enabled by issuing bonds

Judge Griesa order of vultures enabled by issuing bonds -

The judge in New York Thomas Griesa , you enabled the request made by the vulture funds litigating against country to request information on the new issue of Argentine bonds in dollars by the Government, aimed at infrastructure projects.
the decision to Griesa to grant the "discovery" (order information), was taken this afternoon a hearing suddenly summoned by the magistrate in response to the request previously made by vulture funds.
"plaintiffs are entitled to request information to determine whether the new funding will produce assets that can satisfy in whole or in part, debt contracted "said judge southern district of New York.
Griesa then authorized representatives of vulture funds to introduce lawyers Argentina and banks Deutsche Bank and BBVA with" requests for specific information required "who in turn must" will respond promptly and reasonably "that request.
Economy Minister axel kicillof stressed that the funds arising from the issue of bonds of Argentina in dollars Americans (BONAR 24), will be allocated to infrastructure and that the issue was achieved without the conditioning of international financial organizations.
in a radio interview, the minister stressed that the placement of BONAR 24 per 1,415 million, showed that Argentina has access to markets, in a in a tender where bids were received four times above what had come to seek and announced triple what was accepted.

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