Tsipras was optimistic after agreement with the Eurogroup

Tsipras was optimistic after agreement with the Eurogroup -

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras , said today that "the difficult starts now," after the hard-wrought agreement who arrived yesterday with its partners in the Eurogroup, and which Athens won a reprieve from four months to extend financial aid to the country.

"we won a battle, not the war," he said today Tsipras in a televised message, which also stressed that Greece reached "a successful negotiation."

with undisguised enthusiasm, Greek Prime Minister stressed that the agreement reached Friday in the Eurogroup assumes the cancellation of previous commitments signed by the previous Greek governments, but warned his countrymen that "the difficult starts now" and that "the struggle of the Greek people continues."

"Yesterday we fail the plan of conservative forces in Greece and abroad to asphyxiate our country, "he said.

" We showed that Europe is a space for negotiation and beneficial commitments for both sides and not a place of extermination, submission and punishment "he remarked, as cited news agency Europa Press and EFE.

Thus added that" yesterday is more important for Europe than for Greece "and noted that almost 20 days ago who took over a country "on the brink and empty boxes."

in the agreement was reached on the eve, the leftist government greek managed to twist the arm of members of the Eurogroup, in particular Germany, obtaining an extension of the financial assistance for four months worth 240,000 euros, which will allow you to refinance the Greek banking.

in his message to the country, Tsipras reiterated that the agreement reached " moves over austerity and memos (programs ransom) "and start negotiations to achieve" growth, employment and our European future. "

the agreement," ends with reductions in wages and pensions, with measures that lead to recession and exaggerated surpluses, "he said.
in his speech Tsipras also had words for the Greek people whom he called" best ally of the government "and thanked them for their support," without which no we could have won this battle. "

" with the decisive support of the Greek people, we have preserved the dignity of Greece, perhaps, its most important since it is in the European Union, "he said, while stating their speech said that "perhaps yesterday was more important for Europe as a whole for Greece" in particular.

Now, following the decision of the Eurogroup to extend credit to Greece four months, the government of Athens He is working against time to present next Monday specific reforms, based on the agreement, which definitely convince their partners

Source . Telam

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