Cameron took as vindication by Malvinas threat

Cameron took as vindication by Malvinas threat -

Chancellor Hector Timerman he revindicó Argentina's historic claim for sovereignty over Malvinas Islands and the British Prime Minister David Cameron , was offended, and called · "threatening" statements of the Argentine official.

the crossing took place in the framework of second Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and the European Union (EU) , which takes place tomorrow in the Belgian city of Brussels.

the fact it happened on the date on which the appointment of the first Argentine governor in the Falkland Islands, Luis Vernet, on June 10, 1829, 186 years ago is commemorated.

it also occurs a few days met 14 June, 33 years of the end of the Falklands war.

in speaking at the second plenary session of the day, Timerman said that "the Argentine government expects the countries of the European Union renews the call to meeting the resolutions of the United Nations Conference on the Question of the Malvinas Islands. "

the foreign minister said that" the peaceful resolution of conflicts requires us to reaffirm the decision to respect the territorial integrity of states "and pointed out that "182 years ago the UK expelled the population and the legitimate Argentine authorities of the Falkland Islands, breaking the territorial integrity of my country."

"Unfortunately colonialism yesterday still lingers, keeping the logic of today the appropriation of natural resources. During recent months, the South Atlantic has witnessed activities of hydrocarbon exploration in the vicinity of the Falkland Islands, "he added.

" Currently, a consortium of companies carries out a new exploration drilling campaign in waters that are subject to a sovereignty dispute recognized by the United Nations and the International Community "Timerman said.

Cameron, who had spoken before the chancellor, took the floor after the end of the speech Minister.

"with regard to the intervention of the Argentine foreign minister i want to make an intervention and the record," said the British prime minister and later claimed that the islands have the right of self-determination.

Cameron he added that the surrounding maritime areas under their jurisdiction and closed his speech saying. "I reject the threatening words of Argentine foreign minister"

Source: Telam

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