Kicillof praised the "democratic expression" the Greek people

Kicillof praised the "democratic expression" the Greek people -

Greece said "my not rule me International Monetary Fund ," he said axel kicillof , citing the parallels with the adjustments made in Argentina during the 0 to pay creditors.

His comments were in relation to the significant rejection of the Greek people (61 percent of popular) vote against the proposed international creditors to apply further adjustments in exchange for loans of financial assistance.

"the Greeks were expressed against fear, that whole campaign 'are going to take the euro, they it will be worse. '; they did it with courage, dignity, sovereignty, independence and democracy, is the cradle of democracy, "he said Kicillof in radial dialogue

the candidate for national deputy of Front Victory (FPV) by City of Buenos Aires noted that "Greece is a country that wanted you to apply the same recipe to Argentina, the Greek people has endured nine adjustment plans. The tourniquet that will put Greece and are adjusted increasingly, is very similar to the time of Menem and De La Rua , which indeed triggered a corralito ".

" The interesting is that yesterday was as great historical events, reminds me of the Grito de Alcorta, here the Greek people shouted 'no', he shouted out loud, "he said.

he recalled that" in the 0 -01, reached a maturity of debt and the State did not have enough dollars to pay. The shield, changes in ministers were to get that silver was not for the country, for the people, to improve education; but for creditors, was a handrail between them and the people asked him fit. "

" Here the ministers did behind the people and the daily Clarin partied like crazy every time which lent them money, but omitted to say what the new sacrifices of Argentines, tight belt that came were, "he said.

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