Potosi: "He wanted to enter the Red Cross and would not let"

Potosi: "He wanted to enter the Red Cross and would not let" -

Again, workers Potosi show its organization and fighting power in a intense strike being carried out for days.

As a result, the city located 4,000 meters above sea level is under siege and kept on tenterhooks its more than 150,000 inhabitants. Among them are about 68 Argentines, most of whom had crossed the neighboring country to witness the historic visit of Pope Francisco .

Currently, all of them are affected, not only by the roadblocks, but also by the food shortage which has begun to be generated.

apologies Pope Francis during his visit to Bolivia were not enough to calm the permanent state of fighting that characterizes the potosinos . Precisely, the mining town, which has suffered centuries of looting by the conquerors, has generated a power pressure concentrates one of the strongest union forces that oppose the government of Evo Morales having the Andean country .

Among the Argentine Gustavo Streets is one of the Cordovan found beached with his family in that city. In an interview with Cara y Cruz , he said that "every day gets harder, as there is no response from the Bolivian government."

Indeed, the Bolivian Minister of Government Carlos Romero had reported on Tuesday that the mobilization of the Civic Committee Potosina (Comcipo) was "coup" by calling for the resignation of regional authorities without following the democratic procedure of recall referendum.

Calles described that the hardest pickets are being made by miners, while pickets in the city, are carried out by the same neighbors.

the native tourist Salsipuedes reported that one of the attempts they leave the city, met a picket where they tried to puncture the tires. "We I told that when there is this kind of mobilization, not in or out anyone," he said, Calles, adding: "He has wanted to enter the Red Cross, and people from the consulate and not let them"

. in this regard, the Argentine consul constituency in the department of Potosi Juan Andrés Taccetti confirmed that stranded Argentines are staying in hotels, others have managed to settle at home families and even a group managed to settle in a brewery.

Taccetti said is managing the availability of an aircraft "because the only way out of the city through the air". At the same time, he confirmed what was said by Calles, when he related that were intercepted in a crash on Route 0 kilometers from the city.

In that case, the solution airway mean having to leave cars and belongings in Potosi.

at the same time, the Consul confirmed that from the Brazilian consulate similar measures are being evaluated.

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