#Fondosbuitre: Court rejects appeal for contempt Argentina

#Fondosbuitre: Court rejects appeal for contempt Argentina -

The Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York today dismissed the presentation by the Argentine government regarding the figure of "contempt" imposed by judge Thomas Griesa, considering "premature" to that request because the New York judge did not impose targeted sanctions against the country under that framework.

the presentation was then finalized Argentina that Griesa -in September last year placed to Argentina under the guise of "contempt" for the country's decision to implement a new scheme to pay the commitments made to the holders of restructured bonds, payment of which was blocked by the US judge in the context of the dispute with vulture funds.

at that time, Griesa said Argentine officials violated their orders when they tried to replace Bank of New York Mellon through National trust SA, as trustee of the restructured debt, according requires a cable Bloomberg agency.

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