The Conservative Party won the elections in the United Kingdom

The Conservative Party won the elections in the United Kingdom -

The Conservative Party of Prime Minister David Cameron , won the elections in United Kingdom with 329 seats, followed distantly by the Llaborista Party with 233, according to a survey of exit polls broadcast by the news network BBC .

with more than half of the results of the British general election and declared, it appears that David Cameron will continue as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and this time will not have to lead a coalition government.

latest projections suggest that the Conservative party, led by Cameron, will get 329 seats in parliament, enough for a narrow majority (majority mathematics is 326). A better than projected by the first polls to exit poll, which gave them the Conservatives 316 seats for 239 of the Labour Party, the main opposition. Result

Third-independence Scottish National Party stood (SNP), with 58 seats, and the Liberal Democrats fourth with 10. the projections for minority parties, meanwhile, give him three Members of the Plaid Cymru (party of Wales), two to the party Independence from the United Kingdom (UKIP) and two to the Green Party.

the final results will be known on Friday afternoon.

Agenda of the Conservative [1945004Party]

in his speech, Cameron confirmed his intention to call a referendum in 2017 on the continuation of United Kingdom in the European Union and continue with measures economic implemented by the conservatives.

the premier has promised to eliminate the fiscal deficit, currently at about 0,000 million pounds (0,000 million euros, or 5% of GDP) through tax increases and cuts in the social benefits of up to 12.000 billion pounds.

But we also have to put special attention to the relationship of the rest of the UK with Scotland, where the independence Scottish National Party (SNP) razed.
the SNP won 56 of the 59 seats contested in Scotland, becoming the other big winner of the election.

in the last parliament, the Scottish nationalists nothing had six deputies .

And the challenge of keeping joined the UK will be precisely one of the biggest challenges of the next prime minister.

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