Pope Francis said that "a corrupt society stinks"

Pope Francis said that "a corrupt society stinks" -

"Corruption is dirty and corrupt society stinks. A citizen who let the invading corruption is not Christian, it stinks! "Said the pope told thousands of Neapolitans who came to hear him in the square John Paul II.

The Pope also referred to the problem of youth unemployment, especially in a neighborhood like Scampia in which there is a rate of 57% unemployment.

"the lack of jobs for young people is a sign that there is a serious flaw in the system. Which has 40% of young people under 25 who have no work is serious, "he said in remarks reproduced EFE

And went on." When you do not win to bring home the bacon, dignity is lost. Joblessness steals dignity. In these cases, the person is at risk of giving in to slavery, exploitation. This is not human, not a Christian. "

Therefore, Jorge Bergoglio called on governments to take responsibility and contribute to changing the system to create jobs.

Similarly, he stressed the importance of providing a good education to train well, young people and teach them to follow the right path and away from criminal practices.

"education is the right way because it prevents and helps to go forward, "he said.

the neighborhood of Scampia was the second stop of the trip that launched today the pontiff after visiting the Shrine of Pompeii before thousands of faithful who came to receive his blessing.

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