Maduro said it could open dialogue with the United States

Maduro said it could open dialogue with the United States -

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro told the news network Telesur " in the coming days, could open up the possibility of going to a process of talks with the government of the United States and explore the way of relationships of respect, which is fundamental. "

After the conference that developed in Summit of the Americas held in Panama, where many of the speeches of Latin American countries focused on criticism of the foreign policy of the Obama administration, a brief dialogue between the presidents could give signals an approach.

in March, an executive decree sanctioning seven senior Venezuelan officials for having committed allegedly in corruption and violations of human rights, declared the country as a "threat" to the US security.

Maduro confirmed that the informal meeting with Obama lasted "about ten minutes" but declined to go into details about the content. "Perhaps later he will report what we talked, but has been a serious encounter, frankly, we told the truth, and I would say even cordial" he said.

Venezuelan President considered that the attitude of Obama could be due to support "unanimous" that the governments of the region expressed toward Venezuela, while revealed tersely that he told Obama that his government was not anti-American and wanted to maintain good relations with the American nation.

"I said 'President Obama, I am not an enemy of the United States nor my people is an enemy of the United States, nor our commander was never an enemy of the United States, we are revolutionaries, vehement and passionate and we want to build peace,' "he stressed .

Source: Telesur

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