Greece calls for a referendum on July 5

Greece calls for a referendum on July 5 -

As a member of the European Union (EU) Greece do not have to ask permission anyone for the Greek people can speak and make their voices heard, said Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras before Parliament, promising that sovereignty and the State's future will be decided by the referendum.

the Greek Parliament has authorized celebrate the July 5 referendum in which he put to the vote of the people whether or not implement the measures of social cuts in the EU.

"Greece is not a guest in Europe but a member with the same rights," said Tsipras in his speech to Parliament. "Our dignity is not a game. A million and a half unemployed are not a game. Three million people living in poverty are not a game ", has accentuated the Greek prime minister.

" Neither threats and blackmail or attempts to incite panic change the will of the Greek people living with dignity. The day of reckoning is approaching for creditors, the moment will see that Greece will not surrender, "he said Tsipras.

He insisted that Europe-wide referenda are held so that the people can express their will and make their voices heard. "Greece has every right to organize one," he said. He said he is convinced that the Greek people will say no to proposals by the Eurogroup.

Tsipras stressed that Athens was negotiating with its European creditors with "determination, firmness and dignity", but at the insistence faced by the IMF to abandon the proposal to tax the rich. "We were asked to place again the burden on the shoulders of pensioners and workers," he said.

As for what happens after the referendum, the Prime Minister stressed that with "unclear" Athens you will find in "a much stronger negotiating position." At the same time, he said: "Respect the sovereignty of the Greek people to express their will does not in any way have decided to break with Europe. It is a decision to put an end to extortion and coercion, practices that have become all too common in Europe. "

The 'troika' publishes proposals made to Greece

the troika made up of the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission has published this Sunday, exceptionally, the proposals made to the Greek authorities before the breakdown of negotiations late Friday.

This decision has been taken, according to the group, "for transparency and for information from the Greek people, "the July 5 shall decide in a referendum on whether the Greek authorities should return to the negotiating table or, on the contrary, break off relations altogether.

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