Germanwings: the pilot shouted to open "the damn door"

Germanwings: the pilot shouted to open "the damn door" -

The pilot of the plane crash in the French Alps called from outside the cockpit shouting the copilot, who allegedly crashed so deliberate the device, which opened "the damn door," while he tried to tear it down, according to recordings of one of the black boxes is clear.

When the copilot, Andreas Lubitz supposedly had already driven the descent system, and the French air traffic controllers had tried to 10.32 hours of contact unsuccessfully with the plane, recording records the signal automatic alarm for loss of height, reveals the newspaper today Bild in its Sunday edition, according to a cable EFE .

immediately after a heavy blow is heard, as if someone tried to open kicked the door of the cabin, and voice captain, Patrick Sondenheimer, screaming. "! for God's sake, open the door"

in the background shouts of the passengers heard

At 1035, when the plane was still 7,000 meters high, recording registered "strong clanking against the door of the cabin" as if it was hit.

About 0 seconds later, at 5,000 meters above sea level, activates a new alarm, and the pilot is heard shouting: "Open the damn door!"

at 10.38, still about 4,000 meters high, breathing the copilot, who says nothing is heard.

At 1040, the device plays with the right wing of the mountain and again the screams of the passengers, the last sounds that records the black box are heard.

the hour and a half recording that has been recovered also revealed as the captain, 1027 and 11,0 meters (38,000 feet) high asks the copilot to start preparing the landing Düsseldorf and it responds among other words a "wish" and " let's see. "

After appropriate to prepare the landing control is when the passenger gives the commander assume command for it to go to the bathroom.

Two minutes later, heard saying Sondenheimer.. "you can take command"

Bild newspaper also revealed today that Andreas Lubitz was being treated for a possible retinal detachment that made him fear to his racing career

the prosecution of Düsseldorf reported on Friday the discovery during registration of housing co-pilot and their parents of several documents that shed light on the personal situation of the copilot, including "medical, current low and even force for the day of the facts, made pieces. "

the agents also found at his home in Dusseldorf prescriptions of psychotropic drugs to treat bipolar disorders, as well as lots of sleeping pills.

But worse , the paper said, is that the police also found psychotropic drugs without opening, which suggests that Lubitz could have stopped medicating, which the researchers hope to determine from the analysis of the remains of the copilot, found yesterday in place of the tragedy.

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