Time magazine compares the current racism with 1968

Time magazine compares the current racism with 1968 -

magazine Time used for the cover of its next issue a current image in which It is a police cordon chasing a young black. The image may be an image file 1968 but is a recent photograph framed in the last months of racist violence in United States .

This is a photograph of Devin Allen, a resident of West Baltimore 26 years old. The photograph shows a man running away from a pack of policemen to the load. The capture reflects the intensity and the chaotic nature of the protests.

The riots this week in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray led to questions and complaints regarding treatment . receiving the black population by the white authorities

at the opening image, Time added in the title the legend: "What has changed, what has not changed," referring to the years 1968 and 2015.

in April of that year also occurred in Baltimore clashes between youths of African Americans and National Guard and local police. The reason for the protests transpired, however, the borders of the state of Maryland. Was the assassination of Martin Luther King, a symbol of the struggle of minorities in the United States

The result of the recent skirmishes resulted in seven wounded policemen, one of them seriously. But on a deeper debate that extends in American society. The alleged differences faced by the black civil society by the local police

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