"We had not thought electoral gravitation"

"We had not thought electoral gravitation" -

Academic Atilio Boron argued that elections yielded a result that was "under-par "noting that fell supporting two Spanish traditional parties: the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) and the Popular Party (PP)

." expect to see how to get to resettle all this " he said intellectual urging caution in the analysis, as did the Spanish politician Juan Carlos Wallet . (See: "Wallet" Neoliberalism has latinoamericanizado Europe "")

"Sometimes I find overly optimistic to think that the days of old bipartisan model are numbered," said Borón, who at the same time recognized that there is no third force able to finish to break the two-party system was consolidated.

in an interview with Cara y Cruz , Atilio Boron acknowledged that if the cold numbers are analyzed the new policy "we had not thought electoral gravitational" force.

factors that influenced this drop in support for the traditional parties, Borón highlights the combination of three elements. First, the strong economic crisis. This caused people to "rematch with the PP, which lost two and half million votes were copper," said the sociologist.

Second, the intellectual felt that the corrosive effect of corruption represented a cost very high social. Among the controversial scandals of recent months it did not go unnoticed if Federico Rato (former IMF director and officer of the Iberian country), "which turned out to be a corrupt man to the core."

Finally Borón held never to destimar the question of "fatigue of the electorate to the same electoral option PSOE and PP that comes from years of the beginning of the democratic transition."

At the same time, Borón emphasized that not only those factors influence to produce the changes that appear to lean in Spain. The process of transformation of political life that crosses the Spanish citizenship, must correspond to the "emergence of the figure of a leader like Pablo Iglesias" that manages to drive all the social discontent.

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