CELAC and European Union meet in another historic summit

CELAC and European Union meet in another historic summit -

The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), or in other words, all countries American contienente with the exception of the United States and Canada will meet in the coming days with their peers that integrate European Union.

the meeting will be held in Brussels, capital of Belgium and headquarters the organization that integrates the states of the old continent.

This is the second edition, I fertile after meeting in 2013 in Santiago de Chile. This time will be remembered for two important reasons. On the one hand Cuba again actively participate in a regional body. And probably this fact has been instrumental in the restoration of relations between the Caribbean island and the administration of Barack Obama history.

And on the other hand, was the first time performs a meeting where heads of state participating as equals, not only in a theoretical sense, but largely also in factual sense, reducing the historical gap separating American states with their former colonial powers.

Thus, Santiago de Chile had witnessed important pronouncements by the European Union: fair trade relations where "two blocs win"; Angela Merkel's support to the proposal Cristina F. de Kirchner to restructure the financial system (one year before the ruling by Judge Thomas Griessa); and even support with applause included, who received the president of Argentina by representatives of both regions on the position of the Falkland Islands (except the United Kingdom delegation).

This time, the diplomatic mission will be headed by Foreign Minister Hector Timerman , who will be assisted by the Argentine ambassador to the European Union Hernán Lorenzino.

within the confirmation of the 61 delegations that integrate the two blocs, the presence of presidents, like Bolvia, Evo Morales and Ecuador's Rafael Correa will be highlighted; and the European side of France, Francois Hollande ; of Spain, Mariano Rajoy ; and German Angela Merkel .

Among the topics that will be part of Argentina's agenda in addition to the permanent claim for the Falklands cause, the project promoted by the country at the United Nations will be present restructuring the global financial system.

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